Hello Dearest‏


Outra tentativa de phishing. Este chega ao ridículo de tentar apelar para a fé alheia na tentativa de cometer a fraude (“I am searching for a true friend. Some one who is God fearing, kind and honest …” = “Estou procurando um amigo verdadeiro. Alguém que seja temente a Deus, bondoso e honesto…”).

Hello Dearest‏
De: Miss Nybol Henry (“Miss Nybol Henry”@omr8.networksolutionsemail.com)
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Enviada: sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2009 13:44:36
Para: msnybol@i12.com
Hello Dear,
I know this might come to you as a surprise, but please do accept it in good faith and treat as a matter of urgency with utmost confidentiality. I am Miss Nybol Henry from Northeastern Africa Sudan, now seeking for refugee in Dakar Senegal under the (UNHCR).
My (late) father Dr. Henry Hani, was the Managing Director of Sudanese Boost Co. Ltd company of importing Machineries & Equipments for Industry, also a successful business man of exporting of cocoa. But he was killed along side with my mother during the longing civil war and all his properties were totally destroyed. I couldnt help it but cry and cried as I became homeless. I felt so devastated and depressed as I have lost virtually everything I had including my school certificates and my passport.
However, after the death of my parent, I managed to escape with a very important document (DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE ($5.7USD) Five Million Seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars deposited by my late father in one of the leading bank with my name as the next of kin. Whatever the struggle I went through, I always ensured nothing separates me from these documents as my life depends on it right now.
I am searching for a true friend. Some one who is God fearing, kind and honest to stand as my foreign representative to help me transfer my inheritance funds so I can leave this camp and come over to your country and continue my education.
Furthermore, you can contact the bank for confirmation, I will send to you the full contact address of the bank, once I get your positive response to help me with the transfer of the funds to your bank account, and help me with the investment of the funds, and my coming over to join with you in your country.
In the light of above I will like you to keep it to yourself and don’t tell it to anyone for I am afraid of loosing my life and the money.
Please kindly reply me back if you know in your heart you would want to help me. Remain Bless



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